2019 Calendar

Back by popular demand! The 2019 Exotic Oceans calendar is now available! Regular price $16.95, save when you purchase here! This wall calendar (measuring 12"x24" when open) runs from January 2019 to January 2020 features thirteen of Craig's captivating underwater images along with backstories for each and includes special dates and fun trivia. Makes a great gift! *A portion of the production of the calendar has been donated to the Caribbean Oceanic Restoration and Education Foundation (C.O.R.E.), which inspires communities through marine awareness and hands on coastal programs, with a specific interest in addressing the problem of invasive lionfish in Caribbean waters.

Please contact us when shipping outside the US.


    Each stunning metal print arrives ready to hang and admire.


    Aluminum Box Mount (20″ or less)
    For art where both dimensions are 20 inches or less we use an aluminum Box Mount. Made entirely of aluminum this mount provides the perfect backing support for all medium size prints. Comes with a single hole in the middle for fast and easy hanging.




    Aluminum Frame Mount (larger than 20″)
    For art where one dimension is larger than 20 inches we use our Aluminum Frame Mount which is made up of anodized aluminum bars. Consisting of 4 aluminum bars welded together, the frame mount is extremely rigid, flat and will not degrade over time. Simply screw the wall attachment where you want to hang your print, use the provided bubble level to ensure it will be straight, then simply slide your print in. Comes ready to hang with no additional assembly required!

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