Craig was on a liveaboard dive trip in the Bahamas and had been scouting for dolphins for hours with no luck. A pod finally came into view and the divers were all very excited to jump in the water. The Captain shouted, “Dive! Dive! Dive!” and everyone jumped in…except Craig. There were so many divers rushing to hit the water, Craig opted to hang back for a couple of extra minutes. When he finally jumped in, he stayed near the surface to see where the pod would direct itself, which was in the exact opposite direction of the large group of divers…and directly toward Craig. In an instant they jumped in tandem out of the water and it registered to Craig that they would be coming back down in a matter of seconds. At that moment, he sank beneath the surface a few feet and got this unique shot as they broke the surface. The combination of Atlantic Bottlenose and Spotted dolphins is unique as the two species are not commonly known to swim together.

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Size with edge mount:

    Each stunning metal print arrives ready to hang and admire.


    Aluminum Box Mount (20″ or less)
    For art where both dimensions are 20 inches or less we use an aluminum Box Mount. Made entirely of aluminum this mount provides the perfect backing support for all medium size prints. Comes with a single hole in the middle for fast and easy hanging.




    Aluminum Frame Mount (larger than 20″)
    For art where one dimension is larger than 20 inches we use our Aluminum Frame Mount which is made up of anodized aluminum bars. Consisting of 4 aluminum bars welded together, the frame mount is extremely rigid, flat and will not degrade over time. Simply screw the wall attachment where you want to hang your print, use the provided bubble level to ensure it will be straight, then simply slide your print in. Comes ready to hang with no additional assembly required!

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